Skin color is different, the difference between manicure is so big
Every girl has more or less pink girlish complex, pink dress, pink bow, pink love, filled with girl dreams one after another. Today, let’s take a look at how people of different skin colors match pink nails, which makes you a girly dream.

Some people say that pink is very beautiful, I am not white enough, how to match is ugly, pink girl’s lucky color, should not give up because it is not white enough, today I will teach you, how to make pink nail art for different skin colors.


Matching skills of different skin colors

No. 1 dark yellow skin

Light yellow skin is a very common skin color in Asians. If it is not matched well, it will look dim and irrelevant. If you encounter white color, it will be really embarrassing. However, Bean pink can cure yellow skin well, which is not as difficult to control as light powder. His gentle tone is well neutralized with the warm tone of yellow skin, and the gentle light is more than dim.

No.2 black skin

Misunderstanding: full of pink, originally pink is not a particularly white color, plus painted nails, there will be a kind of black and vulgar feeling, completely defeated.

Correct: pink embellishment, full of pink, is the minefield of small black hands, you can choose pink to do nail embellishment, pink gradient, or blush nail, not only does not show black, but also brightens the skin color.

No. 3 fair skin

People with fair skin are really loved by God. They are very beautiful in any color of nails. However, in summer, light pink is recommended. This color is very fresh, it seems that people will think of cherry blossoms full of trees, and it will be much better to think about them.

No one can deprive you of your girly heart. Except yourself, how can you miss the inherent gentle color of pink as a girly girl.