People’s requirements for living space are constantly improving. In addition to substantial furniture, putting some indoor plants with different shapes and sizes in the home can add a lot of colors and help improve air quality.

Indoor plants can also bring a lot of vitality to the indoor space.How to put indoor plants? How to improve the comfort of indoor space through plants? Here are some ways to put indoor plants.

According to the plant‘s environment needs to be placed

Plant characteristics refer to the growing habits of plants and the need for light. Before choosing an indoor plant, you need to know if it is a light-loving plant.Then you will have a rough idea of where it is. Give the plant a suitable growth environment and it can be more lush.

According to the plant’s growth habits

Large structural plants, such as figs or large cacti, can be placed in open spaces or at the corners of staircases. These plants provide a contrast to the surrounding white walls of the building.It adding vitality and visual effect.

If you choose some vines, such as creepers or bunches of grapes. You can place them on a high shelf to make sure there is enough room for them to grow.

Classification of potted plants

The first type of classification is by the size of the container. Containers of the same or similar size can be clustered in one area. Small containers can be arranged in a regular way, such as on the windowsill, the plant rack, so that the plants are more orderly.

By contrast, plants with large containers can be placed high and low in the corner of the room, near a window or a table or chair, which looks very pleasant.

You can also sort by the shapes and colors of the containers, and by combining the shapes and colors with the overall style of the room, you can find a good design for the plants.

Look for unused space

Some spare space, for example, you can remove the curtains from the kitchen window and make a new plant stand with potted flowers. It becomes an attractive space. Other often overlooked areas can also be good for houseplants, including the top of the bookshelf, which requires a careful eye to spot.

Bathroom green plants

In the bathroom, a lot of people want to pursue a kind of natural feeling. You can add a plant or two to break through the tiles and mirrors to create a natural feel.

Most houseplants thrive on the extra water in the shower. Place greenery in the bathroom can let whole bathroom present a kind of quiet atmosphere, when you are bathing here, body and mind can be very cheerful.

Above is today’s indoor plant design method to introduce. The pursuit of natural life, from a pot of green plants to start.