The method of watering more meat has always made flower friends entangled. Watering more than rot root, watering less water shortage, and watering more meat is related to many factors: regional climate, weather, season, temperature, ventilation, succulent Plant habits, soil, flowerpot material, daily sunshine receiving time, placement position, succulent state, succulent size, etc.

No matter succulent plant in desert or alpine areas, there is a lot of water in the technology and leaves, so the watering amount must not be too much. Moreover, succulent plant will consume the water of its own leaves to supply the required nutrients when it is very short of water. At this time, the bottom leaves will slowly dry up; In addition, the leaves of apricot and some sedum plants will fold when they are short of water; Other succulent leaves will become soft when they are short of water, which are the watering signals they give.

The leaves fold or become soft. Basically, they will recover immediately the next day after watering, and recover on the third day after a little slower. If there is no recovery after watering for a long time, it must be the dehydration caused by broken root system and plant inability to absorb.

However, sometimes the leaves fold and become soft are not necessarily short of water, which needs to be judged according to their usual watering time and recent weather conditions. Generally speaking, if there is a shortage of water, the leaves will be full the next day after watering that night. However, if the state does not change for several days after watering, attention should be paid.

In this case, the root system of the plant does not grow, or the original root system has been rotten. At this time, more meat can be pulled out of the soil, the roots can be cleaned again, and some dry soil can be replaced and planted again.

Watering time: in the three seasons of spring, summer, autumn, it is better to water in the evening or when it is cool in the afternoon, while in winter, because the temperature is too low, it is better to water at noon. Pour along the edge of the flowerpot when watering, and do not let the water reach the blade. Try to avoid water flowing into the center of the blade to form water accumulation. Such water accumulation will gather sunlight to a point like a magnifying glass, and directly reverse the blade to burn out. If you accidentally pour it to the center of the blade, you can blow off the water drops or suck them dry with a paper towel.

Watering interval: the initial start-up day can indeed be watered at a constant time, such as once a week and once a month —– although this method can make most of the meat survive, it is not very good. Because the weather is changeable, the demand and the material of the flowerpot also determine the volatilization of water, and there are many other factors mentioned above, which make the watering interval cannot be generalized. Here are some important explanations, which are also the experience I have summarized for many years of cultivation.

The size and watering of succulent plants: this is generally a point summarized by lovers who have been cultivated for many years. The newly planted succulent plants do not need to pour too much water because of less root system, adapting to the new environment and moderate factors of damage recovery. For this kind of succulent plant, the better watering method is: a small amount of watering is frequently required.