Rainbow nail designs are among the most popular. For this aspect, the pins can be of any type, but the art will have a clear rainbow color. It is an exciting and courageous style that is perfectly suited to the upcoming summer. We like this colorful trend, so we’ve rounded up 40 of the best rainbow nail ideas on Instagram. Look, you realize that there is a beautiful art of small steps, shiny nails, a lively rainbow project, and so on. Having vigorous nail creativity is suitable for everyone!

When dealing with new nails, we always try to color them as much as possible. But that doesn’t mean that every nail shape has a different color. For girls who like to combine different colors, this is the ideal choice: a rainbow nail. They are packaged to highlight all significant colors in one nail design. Today we’re using the photos below to see 19 fantastic rainbow nail art creations!

Every girl should recognize that the classic French horn is very suitable for her nails. It looks even more astounding when a multicolored rainbow is added to the nails instead of a straightforward white gecko. If you want to make your nails look super cool, make the most of neon illuminated colors. Also, motifs, such as dots and stripes, can be added to achieve a more particular effect for the appearance of rainbow nails.

There are more than 40 pretty rainbow nail designs in 2021 for summer, now lets us enjoy them together!


The first nails we will show you are trendy and shiny. These nails are long and thin. Each pin is painted with two different colors to produce the “rainbow” effect. The appearance is also bright. Nails like these will look fabulous in the summer! To reproduce these two shades’ appearance, or to use a single different color on each pin.


Are you looking for a unique fashion nail design? And then you have to look at our next thought! Each nail is bare, and on top, there is a super cute rainbow project! Coloring only the tip creates a more subtle look. You can paint the rainbow stripes by hand with different nail colors and with thin brushes. If you are not confident, you can create several striped parts using nail tape.

Vivid Rainbow nail designs

Announcement with the next nail. The nails are long and thin. Each pin has two light shades that form the progressive rainbow. You can find tutorials on the web that create high-level notes. We love these nails – this look is one of our favorites! Light colors will be the perfect choice for summer.

Colorful Polka Dot Nail Art Idea

The rainbow nail design has been updated and modified spectacularly. The project ends, the system automatically fills the content, the system automatically loads the range with a completely different style from the current one of the classic rainbow nails.

When it comes to rainbow nail setup, it’s easy to notice a wide variety. The design of a bluish rainbow nail, a flash of a rainbow nail, a method of a blackmailed rainbow nail are some examples of breathtaking rainbow nail designs.

Pastel Rainbow

If you don’t like intense colors, this lovely kind of cute Guccione is precisely what you need. Each nail has a different color, and just apply a smooth coating and repeat it until the desired coverage is achieved. You can also add a layer of the flash of light or an exciting nail art object to decorate it.

Rainbow Waterfall Manicure

This is a Sami mirage that combines the rainbow perfectly. It takes all kinds of polishes (Sami 20), toothbrushes, and a lot of patience. The technology itself is straightforward: it uses brushes to apply different colors, but the trick is to put the right color in the right place. Watch the complete Sami art course for sickles and understand its effects.

Neon Tips Of Rainbow nail designs

The modern rainbow nails skillfully demonstrate your pride, making them an excellent choice for a few days in the office. Just use any neutral gloss, such as the nude background, and slide your favorite rainbow color. Here you get complete lessons for neon-lit nails.

Negative Space

Negative spatial design continues to dominate the scene. Living room Sonia integrates this trend into this proud jubilation. The minimal design may not look like much, but it looks exquisite. Start with a clear, protective coating, then work with even lines with streaked tape and work with the heart with a punting tool. If you think it is too simple, you can use the rainbow or neutral for the other nails.

Colorful Rainbow Nail Designs You Won’t Miss

The art of the rainbow with nails is so colorful. They embody the enthusiasm, vitality, and dynamism of life. They also spread rich creativity and authenticity. Rainbow henna art is the expression that makes you more dynamic.