The main features of Bohemian style are tassels, the visual impact and mysterious atmosphere brought by graffiti. This style formed huge impact to contracted style. The bohemian style in bedroom design advocates individual freedom in the way that no principle is a principle. Apply a variety of elements to match a Bohemian design. Today for you I will introduce the Bohemian indoor bedroom decor.

Bohemian style: rattan pendant

Cane with its organic, natural texture and soft tone has become an important material for interior design. The vines can be woven into a lampshade to add to the charm of the room.

You can put them on the kitchen table, by the bed or on the sofa. They can be made of many sizes and shapes. You can also fold the vines into a bunch or weave them into your favorite shape and place them indoors.

Bohemian style: the green plants art

Bohemian style is very closed to nature, then the green plants is indispensable. You can choose some large potted plants and keep them indoors. They can not only renew indoor air, but can increase indoor natural breath.

If you are not good at the cultivation and management of plants, you can choose some murals or decorations to hang on the wall. This is also a good choice.

Bohemian style: the warm light

The warm light is also a highlight of the Bohemian bedroom decor. If your room has good light, then Bohemian design can be your first choice. If you want to have this style, but the room is not enough light. Then you can buy some lamps and candles to decorate your bedroom.

Desk lamp had better choose yellow light, which is close to the color that candle burns. The yellow light can make people feel warm, which is good for your mental health.

Bohemian ideas: the braided wall decoration

The adornment that braid class is indispensable in the design of Bohemian style. No matter be the adornment on metope or the adornment on the bed, it can give a person a kind of sweet feeling. The woven material adds comfort, while the fringe design adds a unique feel. These can rely on your own handmade, while enjoying the fun of making the room more beautiful.

Bohemian style: pillows and carpets

Comfortable is the most important part of Bohemian style. This part is reflected not only through integral style and design concept, small throw pillow and carpet also can reflect this. Small throw pillow and carpet are soft and comfortable, they give a person a kind of natural feeling. Thus,  you can enjoy your space freely.

Bohemian design: the Bohemian wallpaper

Because the Bohemian is the style that close to nature, so the wall paper of flower and grass kind cannot lack certainly. There are so many kinds of flowers and so many kinds of trees that you can choose according to your preference. Create a unique space for yourself.