If you are a woman, natural short almond nail suit you whenever when it comes to your appearance, one of your primary concerns is your nail. Do your makeup and hair every day, get a new style every day, but you have to do your nails once a week or a month. So when choosing a design and a shape, you want the best, but at the same time practical and surprising. It means you need almond nails!

The natural short almond nail would immediately have a longer and more feminine appearance than the hand, and since it has a very long shape, and infinite coral ideas can be created with an almond-shaped nail. Whether you choose the acrylic nail model or you prefer to use gel polishes, we will provide you with a list of 35 resistant nail models.

The nails’ carelessness is one of the most critical final stages for the image of every girl. The masters are trying to introduce a new product worldwide, a new trend, because fashion never stops. Each season, the different shape of acrylic nails surprises us: nails draw shapes, length. It is very variable. We created it ourselves. Every day there are more and more new products and trends that we don’t have time to look at. The horn field is no exception. What are the most popular nail requirements in 2021, and what are the most popular nail shapes? Below you can see the hottest trends of summer for Natural short almond nail shape. Now, let us enjoy the almond nail!

Awesome natural short almond nail

Soft nails, already forgotten, are back in vogue. The name derives from the similarity between the pins and these nuts: the base is oval, the tip sharp. The long “almond” gives it a certain elegance and precision. They are taking into account the need to carefully select the colors and patterns of the upholstery and clothing or images suitable for nails. Your chosen acrylic nails shouldn’t look provocative. Look at the picture to see if you like this option.

Glitter nail in beauty

A flash of light is always the right combination. However, we must not exaggerate. Spread a sheet of foil or nail oil on half or no name, not on every nail. Here’s how you can be sure not to overuse shiny lights

A single flash of light does not kill anyone! Flash nails are very suitable for weddings, engagements, and large birthday parties. Combining them with a white base on the edge of the pins makes them look like a waterfall.

Daisies in nails

It is interesting to see the floral design on an almond nail. Daisy on nails may not be something you plan to wear, but we dare to say you will try. Don’t overdo it. Let the other nails turn a flowery yellow.

Metallic Foils

Metal nails are great, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. That’s why you have to use the sheet. It is an aspect that lends itself well to acquiring on several occasions but which is very delicate. By adding some black lines, you will add to this kind of modern vibe this nail shape.

Natural short almond nail with dots

There are many inspirations to make our nails look especially beautiful, such as anchored nail design, nail nails, peg nails, and so on. The burka stitch pattern has become very popular due to its pleasant and straightforward look. Pokka nails are also easy to produce. You can create everything yourself and add fun and fun to the design.

Outlined Almonds

The shaded and colored outlines are suitable for those who love color but do not love it very much. Combined with polychrome nail oil, almonds will soon show a noticeable easter vibe. The strange thing is that there is not precisely the same ring …

Black Natural short almond nail

Black almonds or black nails also have their charm, and black suggests a sense of great coldness that can make us become a unique color in summer.