Many people like to grow green plants indoors. Succulents are very popular. If you live on a high floor and don’t have a garden, how do you keep your indoor succulents in good condition?

Today I would like to share with you some tips.

Most people will choose to breed succulents on open balconies. Although sometimes it cannot be compared with the real natural condition, it can raise a good state. And in the summer the state of plants will be relatively stable.

Here are a few aspects of keeping succulents indoors

Lighting problem

Because the room has glass to block. In the glass under the filter, the uv loss rate is very high. This results in a condition where the light lasts long enough, but the succulents don’t absorb enough blue-violet light to have color.

So indoor succulents need to be exposed to the sun, so that succulents can better receive ultraviolet light. But also simply shade the succulents according to the intensity of the light.

Water problems

Succulent plants can live in natural sunlight, can accept the rain, succulent plants will be in good condition. So indoor farming in addition to pay attention to the problem of light, the watering problem also need to pay more attention.

Watering depends on the state of the plant. For example, wrinkled leaves and a lack of energy are signs that succulents lack water. According to these signs of water scarcity, watering can’t go wrong.

Ventilation problems

The air outside is fresher than that inside. Indoor air circulation is not as good as outdoor. If indoor air is drier, temperature is taller also, sunshine irradiate time is shortened greatly again. Then you need to control the water. If the indoor air is moist, then the frequency of watering needs to be reduced.

About fertilizers for succulent plants

The ground fertilizer that commonly used USES grainy fertilizer, a basin adds a few grain to be ok. Water fertilizer also should choose a few special fertilizer of succulent plant. Add some at the end of the season and the succulents will get plenty of nutrients.

Soil problems

Indoor succulent plants must not add too much water retention medium, the proportion of particles in the soil should be raised to at least 60%.After watering so that the soil will be timely dry, not because the soil long-term moisture and cause succulent root rot.

Insect-resistant problem

Indoor succulents are much more likely to breed bugs because of poor ventilation. And because the environment is closed, once infected, it is easy to outbreak. So be sure to do a good job insect control measures. The soil brought by the greenhouse must be cleaned up and then on the basin, and in the basin soil embedded with insect control of the small white medicine.

To grow succulents well, you must be careful. You need to consider these aspects carefully and execute them well. With enough experience, the plant will be in a better condition.