Paper quiling or paper folder is a popular paper art. It can be made fine lamination painting, or even delicate decorations. Today I would like to share with you some nice origami patterns for your reference. Prepare white paper, pencils, markers, glue, and tools.

Now many kids are staying at home, no matter kindergarten student or primary school students, it’s a good time to get crafts as home school schedule.

paper crafts

The tools we need

After we have the tools we need, draw the pattern you want on the white cardboard. All you need to do is draw a general range and outline, and then sort the part of the pattern by color. Use the tool to roll the paper into the appropriate size and shape. Connect the ends of the paper with white glue. Then place it on a piece of white paper and repeat the process.

How to do step by step?

This time, we will mainly focus on the pattern selection. Next time, we will talk about the specific operation. You can study these steps on your own and then make a finished product for your children to get them interested in. Then show they the next article about how to do step by step, which improved their understanding of words as well as their hands-on skills.

Many colors you can choose

There are many different colors to choose. We should make good use of such a rich color. The flowers will be my first choice for handmade design. Flowers of rich color, lively form, are good handmade templates. The following is the flower pattern made of origami paper.

Flowers paper folding

There are so many kinds of flowers that we can divide them into two parts: the flower and the root. In the selection of color is also based on the two parts of the selection. The detail of the flower can be added according to the actual appearance.

In addition to all kinds of flowers with bright colors, the most popular among children are all kinds of animals. In contrast to flowers, animal forms are more complex and require careful observation. Then roll the paper out in a large curve and fasten the paper firmly to the white paper.

The eyes of small animals also need special attention, the shape and size of a proportion. This ratio can be customized according to the size of your drawing. The best works are those that are harmonious in the whole picture.

For beginners, we recommend the butterfly pattern, which is both beautiful and not complicated. Can undertake collocation color according to his be fond of, this is helpful to exercise your color collocation ability.

butterfly paper crafts

Here are some simpler options. For example, the English letter, this is something that we know very well. So we have a good grasp of the shape of the letters. And letters don’t have a specific color, so we can use our imagination to choose the color to create.

English letter paper crafts

Many things in life can be our choices. Like a red wine bottle, or a tree in front of the door. Once we have settled on a basic pattern, we can create freely and boldly. Bold and free creation, which is the charm of the paper quilling.