Let children learn to make things by hand can not only help them learn new things, but also enrich their lives and make their childhood full of joy. Let the children play happy, and  kid’s craft can cultivate the children’s hands-on ability. Kid’s crafts have parents and children’s love. Today for you I will introduce some exquisite kid’s craft.

In the process of handcrafting, children use all their senses. It’s not just the coordination between the left hand and the right hand, it’s also the coordination between the hand and the brain. Through practice, a certain perceptual cognition and rational analysis will be formed, so as to promote the development of the brain.

The kid’s crafts doesn’t have to be very close to the real thing, but it does have to have a general image. For example, with fruits and vegetables, we focus on the color and shape. Teaching your child to observe the fruits and vegetables in his life will help him learn about many different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The second option is to hand-make small animals that are common in life. Cartoon figures are drawn according to the actual appearance of the animals, and grass and trees are added to make a beautiful picture. You can also combine all kinds of small animals to form a small zoo.

In addition to drawing small animals on paper, you can also teach children to make three-dimensional animal models. Through the simple geometric pattern stitching of a cartoon animal. With some patterns to do the ornament. The finished product must be very vivid.

The inspiration of handwork comes from life, using the simplest things to make the most vivid handwork model. For example, we can use eggs and eggshells at home to draw beautiful patterns on the eggshells. Let the ordinary surface of the egg become colorful.

We can also use simple lines, play their own imagination to make many kinds of manual. Such as flowers, small houses, forests and so on.

You can cut the cardboard into many pieces of the same shape and splice them together. For example, we can cut a lot of circles and semicircles, then we will get a blossoming flowers.

As children grow up, they learn about the world around them as they get older. At the same time, he is constantly learning about himself. You can ask him to draw a picture of himself in his mind, or draw a picture of himself according to the appearance of the mirror or the photograph.

If you want to teach your child something new. Start by drawing it. Then gradually increase the difficulty of making things by hand, which will help your child to understand and understand things.

There are many types of handwork, and different types of handwork have different charms. You can also let your child create with his or her own imagination. At the beginning, you can accompany your child to make it, which will enhance his interest in making crafts.