Balcony design or patio design is a topic that many people pay attention to. Some houses have relatively small interior area. Due to the low floor, there will be an open-air balcony on the first or second floor. If you make good use of the balcony, balcony storage, leisure, flower planting and grass planting, life has become rich and colorful!

Some of the apartments in the community where I live are like this, but many friends don’t make good use of the open-air balcony, because they don’t have a suitable design scheme, today, I ‘d like to share with you some super beautiful outdoor balcony design cases for your reference.

Patio green plants design

For patio green plants design, the overall layout of the balcony should be set first. Generally, the balcony greening is the balcony facing the sun in the South. Some small potted plants can be placed in the South. And flower stands can be placed on both sides of the East and West.Meanwhile, suitable fish tanks can also be selected on the north wall. However, do not put too many plants on the balcony floor. So the space will become smaller, inconvenient walking, also easy to flowers tripped.

The balcony greening design needs to pay attention to the location layout, and the location of flowers should be adjusted frequently on the balcony, so that they can grow well; When the temperature is suitable, the glass should be opened to increase the light transmittance. Attention should also be paid to the temperature of watering. Do not water at noon in summer, it is better to water in the morning and evening; In winter, it is better to water at noon.