In the hairstyles of post-90s and even post-00s, short pixie hair has always been fashion best-seller, and there is even a trend of getting shorter and shorter, especially the super short hair of stars, which is more popular, then what face shape is most suitable for short hair? According to the official statement before, the vertical distance between the earlobe and the chin is no more than 5.7cm, which is the most suitable short hair. To put it simply, your jaw line should present the V character, but the face shape should not be too long and too sharp, so cutting short hair is good-looking.

You may know why you want to cut your hair shorter, but sometimes you need some more inspiration before making the final decision. Here are a few of the most popular short hairstyles for women right now and some fun ideas on how to style them.

Messy short hairstyle

When going for a look like that, you’ll want to add lots of layers to create gorgeous texture. If you combine all that new texture with a pomade or wax for styling, you’ll create the perfect messy look. I hope you get inspired by one of these cute messy hairstyles for short hair. Enjoy!

Part side short pixie haircut ideas

Pixie cuts are incredibly versatile; they can be as feminine or edgy as you like. Ginnifer Goodwin opted for a less romantic cut with her angular pixie, which highlights her elfin features. Part side can be cool in Summer

Ash white hair color to add a cool look!

You may know why you want to cut your hair shorter, but sometimes you need some more inspiration before making the final decision. This ‘do is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re feeling up to it, shave the sides of your head and get as much volume on top as possible.

Short pixie haircut ideas for small round face!

Pixie haircuts are a timeless, classic look beloved by women of all ages. Easy to maintain and style, a pixie is perfect for women who are short on time but still want a haircut that stands out. Pixie cuts are also versatile – they can be cute or sophisticated, feminine or androgynous, and can be adapted to suit every face shape. Keep reading to find some pixie cut inspiration for your next dramatic hair change.

The classic pixie haircut is a timeless look. Short all over, it looks flattering on most face shapes and makes a bold style statement. A short pixie haircut doesn’t require much styling or maintenance. However, you can add some messy texture with styling products for a casual feel, or try a sophisticated side part for a more polished look.

Very Short Pixie Haircut

A very short pixie haircut will give you a bold, modern, and fashion-forward look. Longer than a buzz cut but shorter than a classic pixie, the very short pixie suits those who have naturally thick hair and angular features. Pair it with glam make-up for a feminine look, or keep it natural and androgynous with a bare-faced look.