Loft is often not very spacious, but through clever design, not only can create an atmosphere, a sense of layers of interior space, but also has a sense of artistry and fashion.

Fluidity, duplex structure and openness are three characteristics of loft apartment design.

The furniture doesn’t have to be heavy

Because the attic is at the top of the house, it usually can’t support too much weight. When choosing furniture , you need to put furniture with lighter weight and avoid to produce too big pressure.

Keep it simple

Because the bedroom area of attic is smaller, so design is concise a bit not only look comfortable, the light also can be more sufficient. And leave enough space to walk.

Privacy design

The Loft area is generally about 30-50 square meters. In order to make every square meter can be used perfectly, the duplex design perfectly separates the moving area from the static area. The combination of the kitchen and the restaurant makes every part of the originally narrow space perfectly utilized, which is full of delicacy.

Waterproof and heat insulation effect

modern and simple loft

The refreshing atmosphere is the first impression of this modern and simple loft. Bright and concise space is tie-in dark green sofa, clean and relaxed figure jumps however go up.

Ventilation problems

The bedroom must keep good ventilated, not only be helpful to the body is healthy, also be helpful to the preservation of furniture.