Except we decorate our coffin nails, almond nails, french nails, and so on, we love also to decorate our living room. For the most part, living room design is a way of creating and caring for the interiors of the structures where we live and work, and especially our living room with green plants is physically comfortable and enjoyable. None of the wooden furniture, the stone finishes, or even the animal skins on the carpets and cushions hint at the vast outdoors we like to surround ourselves in when indoors. But while we’ve discovered all sorts of ways to sneak nature into human-made houses, the most important and beneficial ones are plants. Never underestimate the importance of incorporating plants decor as part of your daily living space regarding quality design, whether in your home or office.

The consensus is clear: Bringing green living decor into your home adds to the living space. Now, if your thumbs are green, blue, or some other rainbow color, here are six essential tips to increase your area by living green old-fashioned.

Hang up!

Even if you don’t have enough space, you can add greenery to your home by hanging plants elegantly and decoratively to make them fresh and vibrant. Flexible indoor hangers absorb toxins found in carpets (such as formaldehyde) to clean the air.

When you live in a small apartment, you don’t want to give up any floor space. All you can do is hang up the plants to get green spots without affecting your footprint; if you don’t want to have holes in the ceiling, hang plants on the sides of the closet for relaxation.