Every woman knows that her hair makes a statement, which is why short white hairstyle is so popular this year. This style is bold, eye-catching, and will easily attract attention in the office, on a date, or when out with friends. Choosing the right style is key to ensuring that a woman looks and feels her best.

These are most exclusive white hair color ideas for short haired women to rock this fall. Come and see these chic short white pixie haircut ideas !

This short haircut is not only eye-catching, but it is also clean and attractive. The shorter sides and back expose the ear and are perfectly trimmed to allow the longer top to have a bit more movement and body.

This is a classic shorter style and has a stacked back to add volume and interest, as well as some fun side bangs. Being able to tuck some of the hair behind an ear allows women to keep the hair out of their face.

Additionally, bold and dark eyebrows help to complete the short white hair look and ensure that the woman doesn’t look too pale.

Some white hair color ideas for short hair involve a lot of layers, but this great style does not. The hair is kept very short and is trimmed close to the head.

These shorter bangs are pushed up and away from the forehead so that they add some movement to the style. The exposed ears are cut out so that the hair is shorter on the sides.

This means that women can’t easily tuck hair behind their ears, but it still looks great and is a lot of fun for bold women.

An undercut is a great way to make a short hairstyle unique and to help remove some of the weight of thicker hair.

This female undercut shows off a gorgeous natural hair color and allows the white hair to really shine. Keeping the hair longer so that the bangs are in the face is natural and a lot of fun.

Designed to be eye catching and easy to take care of in the morning, this incredibly short style is a lot of fun for women who are bold enough to try it out.

The dyed white hair is cut very short to the head, which is great for women who want to show off their facial features. Dark eyebrows complete the look.