Many house have empty walls. So many people decorate the walls with objects. There are many kinds of wall decorations, you can choose according to the decoration style and personal preference. Wall adornment can make your home more attactive and beautiful.  Below let’s see how the decoration on the wall brings us the result!

Animal type wall decoration

In recent years there are a lot of people choosing animal types to undertake adornment space. Animals with primitive tribal customs can make the whole space more natural. There are several kinds of decorations for animal types, such as animal heads and animal paintings.

If you like nature and forest style, animal stuff will be your first choice.

Decorative photo frame group wall decoration

Photo Frame decoration is more common, such adornment is more see in rural style. The photograph frame combination of natural element is hanged in mensal nearby.

If the content of the photo is natural and simple, then it will appear warmer. If the content of the photo is artistic and abstract, then it will appear more stylish. Still have a kind of picture frame combination is composed by a few big picture frame, can appear a few atmosphere.

DIY wall decoration by hand

Choose the wall adornment of manual DIY, can give a person a kind of very romantic feeling. Because of its production process and appearance are made by their own. Weekend can take time out and close friends and relatives go together to craft workshop to make a few small decorations, can enhance affection not only, still can let domestic space be full of vigor.

wall hangs decoration design

The essence that decorates should build a kind of comfortable environment namely, the harmony that lets family lead is happy. And this kind of do-it-yourself DIY handiwork can let whole family be permeated with happiness and achievement feeling. DIY is not limited to the decoration style, but depends on their preferences.

wall hangs decoration design

Rack wall decoration

Shelf of clapboard buy thing on the wall is a kind of metope adornment of very practical, these metope clapboard has a lot of color, shape, can build modelling by oneself, very agile and convenient, somebody combines them into honeycomb shape, somebody combines them into wave form, still have a person to make them simple U shape. No matter which kind of style can use metope space effectively, can use it not only will put a book, still can use them to place a few beautiful small handicraft, decorate whole face wall.

Above is the introduction that brings a few popular wall adornment to everybody, after saw, whether want to know more on the wall to hang act the role ofing? I hope it helped you.